With COVID-19 keeping us home, this is a great time to work on core skills. Get better at cornering, pumping, hopping or whatever — I'm stoked to help!

How does this work?

  1. Buy a remote coaching lesson(s).
  2. We figure out what you want to work on (e.g. cornering, pumping, dropping, jumping, or choosing a new bike).
  3. I set up a Google Doc to track our communications. Some of my remote clients have 100+ pages of content — all tailored specifically to them.
  4. I'll send you online lessons.
  5. You practice on your own. When you're ready, send video. If you like, we can do a live video.
  6. I give you written feedback. You practice then send another video. I give more feedback.
  7. You're better — and you're stoked. Time for the next lesson.

We can do a live call!

Instead of you uploading video and me giving you written feedback, we can do a Zoom call. This is awesome! I can see you riding live, and I can give you immediate feedback. You'll improve really quickly.

Wondering what a live remote coaching session is like? Here’s one from April 1, 2020 (28 minutes on YouTube.)

What equipment do I need?

  • Your bike and riding gear
  • A video camera or phone
  • A simple, inexpensive tripod or someone to film you

What skills can I work on?

That's up to you. We most often work on:

  • Bike setup
  • Aggressive braking
  • Basic cornering
  • Advanced corner pumping
  • Pumping bumps
  • Riding up steep stuff
  • Riding down steep stuff
  • Hopping
  • Dropping
  • Jumping

What terrain do I need?

You can rock this training in your back yard, driveway or cul de sac. It's amazing how good you can get at home.

Flatten the curve!

Will I actually get better?

Yes! If you do your homework, you can expect massive improvements. Massive.

Sign up now:

During the COVID-19 crisis, I'm cutting my prices way down. I want you to get out and have fun. (This is fun for me too.)


Questions? Email me at [email protected]

Lem Stevens

"OMG! I went from not being able to hop, to hopping 12 inches, then 18 and now 24 inches. Lee's instruction is on point."

Stefan Tobler

"Since I started working with Lee remotely, every aspect of my riding has gotten better. I'm at a whole new level."

Anna-Maria Wassman

"Before we started skills work (which was great), Lee helped me dial in my new bikes, both trail and downhill. They feel so good!"

Alex Roberton

"Dude! I am ripping turns so hard! Thanks for your help!"

Tucker Samuelsen

"Step by step, everything is feeling better and better. On my last ride I cleaned a climb I've never made."

Diana Sittnikow

"Diana's confidence and speed have improved so much. She's now racing the expert boys her age." - Roger (her dad)